I’m Working on It!!

In the next few days I am finally going to get around to moving all of .400 in ’94 to RJ’s Fro. I’m finally settled in at my new house and took pictures of tons of stuff, so in addition to all the stuff already posted, new stuff will be posted as well. Thanks for reading!!


Catch up…..again

First up is a poster of the famous Sports Illustrated cover picture. I’m not sure when this is from exactly but it has compliments of  Home Federal Savings in the lower right hand corner. Christopher Paluso was the artist and upon doing a Google search I find out that he did a bunch of those amazing Legends Sports Memorabilia magazine covers that I still have from when I was a kid. The guy does absolutely amazing work, lives in San Diego and has actually even done some of the plaques in the San Diego Hall of Champions.

This 1977 Hostess card (#26) isn’t exactly in the best of shape. But when cards were packaged with Twinkies, Ding Dongs & HoHos, cards in pristine shape were pretty hard to come by.

In 1988 Grenada released a set of baseball stamps. Once again my stupid scanner cut it off and I really don’t have the patience to scan things twice. The only other Padres that I can see in the set were Tony Gwynn and Benito Santiago…but 3 Padres in a set of 81 superstars and Hall of Famers ain’t half bad really.

In 1999 Fleer gave Sports Illustrated a set that was titled Greats of the Game. RJ scored 3 cards in this set with this one (#35) being the base card. I’m still working on acquiring the other 2 cards though.

When I posted the “Leather” version of this card (which made sense), I brought up the fact of how weird it was for a pitcher to get a “Lumber” card. Oh well, here it is the 2005 Leather & Lumber “Lumber” card (#LC-34)….for a pitcher.

Since I’m posting the other half of the Leather & Lumber cards I might as well post the other half of the RC Cola cans. This one is from the first series in 1977 and unlike the 1978 version, does not have a number.

Holiday Inn, Saga, Wendy’s & Zip’z Randy Jones Cards (1977)

Because I’m sure you’re sick of all the “disc” cards, I’ll shoot off the rest of the ’78 disc’s that I own. Like I said before, the majority of the disc cards use the same front with the rare instance that the sponsor put their name at the top. This is one of those instances as Holiday Inn slapped their name on the front instead of 4 stars….like these 3 cards.

I have no clue what Saga is, but it looks like some sort of either vitamin or health supply store/company. We all obviously know what Wendy’s & Holiday Inn are. And last we have Zip’z. Apparently they are still around in the New York/New Jersey area. It’s a place where, like the card says, you “make your own sundae!”

Ted Williams Card Co. Randy Jones Card (1994)

In 1993 & 1994 Upper Deck released a set titled the Ted Williams Card Co. The Splendid Splinter himself personally chose players that he thought best represented the game. Hall of Famers, Negro Leaguers, All-Stars and past and current stars. Our buddy RJ made the list in the ’94 set (#84). That’s quite the honor to be selected by one of the all-time greats.

Topps, O-Pee-Chee & Coke Randy Jones Cards (1981)

Here are 3 RJ cards from the same season involving the same picture….yet all are different. The first one is the standard Topps issue (#458). The next is the O-Pee-Chee issue (#148). Like all the other O-Pee-Chee cards I’ve listed, the back is brighter & has the text in French & English. But because O-Pee-Chee was released AFTER the Topps cards, RJ had already been traded so they wrote “Now with Mets” on the front (on his right shoulder) and have the Mets cap on the front. Next up is a Topps Coke issue (#4). They used the same picture but airbrushed a Mets cap & jersey on him. It’s surprisingly pretty authentic looking for the time.

Donruss Randy Jones Card (1981)

In this 1981 Donruss card (#122) it shows RJ on the front in a Padres uni with Padres above his name. On the back side under Career Highlights it states that he was traded to the Mets already. Sounds like Donruss was a little lazy back in their first year.

SSPC Randy Jones Card (1976)

Now despite this card having the year 1975 on the back, it was indeed produced AFTER the 1975 season and for the 1976 season. SSPC (Sports Stars Publishing Company) was a one off set that was produced by a card dealer. He was apparently sick of the way Topps was producing cards, calling them to “flashy” and opted to create a nice simple & basic card set. Soon after he started selling them Topps forced him to stop creating cards with active Major Leaguers. He then switched the name to TCMA and began selling cards of Minor Leaguers & retired ball players.

*Bonus tip: Former ESPN host & current political annoyance Keith Olbermann edited the backs of every card in the set