I’m baaaaaack!

So my first go around with a Padres related blog (SDPads1) actually lasted a lot longer than I thought it would. I started it on a whim not thinking anyone would ever read it and then lots of people began reading it, I was mentioned in ESPN the magazine and even had some Padres front office personnel visiting it. Then a combination of being to busy, a tad lazy and quite frankly being stumped when it came to writing interesting topics effectively put an end to that site. It’s still up and listed on my links but I don’t update it often (if at all). Anyways as I set out on a new blogging adventure I was thinking of trying something different. There are 20 million websites, blogs & message boards that post links, have in game threads and crunch numbers like crazy so what could I do differently? As I sat there pondering I looked up at my shelf of my many many many Padres bobbleheads and various other Padres related items and I thought…..hey I’ve got tons of Padre crap that I’ve collected over the years why don’t I do a site dedicated to Padres crap (some people might call it “merchandise”). I am always  frequenting the local Swap Meet, yard sales & the wonderful eBay for anything and everything I can find Padres related but this will not be only stuff I own as I will also be posting stuff that I find online as well that may catch my attention. Hopefully I stick with this site a bit longer than the last one…….wish me luck!


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