Trevor Time Desk Clock (SGA 4/27/07)

Trevor Time Alarm ClockAh yes good ‘ol Trevor. This is a Trevor Time Desk Clock that was given away at a game in 2007. It has a little button on the front that when pushed it gives off a bell ringing noise and is quite possibly the worst likeness of a player I have ever seen on any stadium giveaway. That game was on April 27th. The opponent….the arch rival Dodgers. What happened you ask? Clay Hensley started and pitched strong into the 7th inning giving up only 2 runs while striking out 5 and leaving with the lead. Cla Merideth comes in and shuts them down for 2/3 of an inning. Scott Linebrink comes in and pitches a scoreless 8th and then who would have thought! Trevor Time on a night where they are giving away Trevor Time clocks!!!! Trevor went on to give up 4 runs, get’s the loss & the blown save & actually gets removed from the game. Padres lose 6-5. Good times indeed!


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