Triple A Home Run Derby/All-Star Game in Portland (7/13/09 & 7/15/09)

'09 Triple A Home Run Derby Program & TicketTriple A All-Star Game Program & Ticket

'09 Triple A All-Star Game Hat Portland Beavers Jersey (Home)

Portland Beavers Hat (Home)Portland Beavers Hat (Away)

Portland Beavers Hat (Home 2001-2007)

Once again if you want the 411 on the actual game head on over to my other site SDPads1 where I will be posting it all tomorrow. So I’ll have to admit that I kind of went a little Beaver crazy (ummm what?) in Portland. Not only did I get the standard programs & tickets but I also got an All-Star game hat (FOR FREE!!!) as well. Then I  went full force and got both the Beavers home & away hats as well as the red & black model that they used from 2001-2007. Then as I was waiting in line I said “Hey there’s a jersey…what the heck!” and got the home jersey as well. The Home Run Derby took place on July 13th, 2009 with the Beavers own Chad Huffman taking home the crown & the All-Star game took place on July 15th, 2009 as the Pacific Coast League lost to the International League 6-5. Both took place in Portland’s beautiful PGE Park.


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