Tony Gwynn Figurine (SGA 9/3/04)

Tony Gwynn Home Depot Statue (Front)Tony Gwynn Home Depot Statue (Closeup)

OK so you know how I said the Trevor Hoffman clock was the worst likeness ever of a player in stadium giveaway history? Well I lied. This is hands down the worst. It’s almost like they didn’t even try on this one. Home Depot & the “Mighty” 1090 you should be ashamed of yourselves for slapping your logos on this. I hear that Tony was actually browsing eBay recently and came across this figure. The next day he went in for gastric bypass surgery….that’s how unflattering this figurine is. Anyways this was given out during Tony Gwynn Weekend in 2004 and the following day his number was retired by the team. The Padres went on to beat the Rockies that night 7-6 on a 3 run homer by Phil Nevin in the 7th. It has a COA #30426 of 46000.


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