Tony Gwynn San Diego Union Tribune “Cover Classics” (2007)

SDUT Mini Tony Gwynn Newspapers

When I first started this site I kept thinking to myself “OK let’s not flood people with to much Gwynn stuff even though I have tons of it. I’ll throw a thing in here and there but this site will be mainly about PADRES stuff and not just GWYNN stuff.” But as I sit back looking at the previous posts I realized that Mr. Padre himself is straight up being neglected here. This here website that is named in his honor (.400 in ’94 is what SHOULD have happened) has only posted a unflattering figurine & his final game ticket and that’s it. So with that I am going to go on a Tony Gwynn binge where I will be posting a new thing everyday for the next week.  Starting with these “Cover Classics” which were placed in Sunday San Diego Union Tribune newspapers at 7-11’s in San Diego around the time he was to be inducted in the Hall of Fame. There was 1 a week for 3 weeks and each one is an exact mini replica of classic Gwynn moments in the newspaper. If I recall correctly there was a “golden ticket” placed randomly in 1 newspaper that earned the winner a trip to Cooperstown that I unfortunately didn’t get. The first one shows the front Sports Page when he collected his 3,000th hit (8/7/99) and it’s titled “Classic T. Shot”. The second one shows the cover of a special insert when he retired (10/7/01) and is titled “Forever, A Hit”. And lastly the third one shows the cover of another special insert from when he was inducted into the Hall of Fame (1/10/07)  titled “The Masterstroke”. They had a website up ( where you could go and view the full stories but that website has been taken down.


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