Padre Pickin’s Cookbook (1984)

Padre Pickin's CookbookThis here is an amazing item. A cookbook compiled by the wives of the ’84 Padres called Padre Pickin’s with all the proceeds going to the Child Protection Program at Children’s Hospital San Diego. Yeah the recipes are cool and all but the thing that makes this “amazing” are all the pictures inside. Each player has a picture of himself with his family. Highlights include Tony Gwynn w/Little Anthony, Nate Colberts hairdo, Jerry Coleman with his wife and 2 dogs (is 1 of them the famous Gus??), Alan Wiggins wife’s Rick James hairdo, Trainer Dick Dents son wearing a Houston Astros hat, Tim Flannery’s recipe of BBQ sauce (possible rip off of Randy Jones??) & last but not least Steve Garvey being the only player to pose for a picture by himself. Yes the Garv decided he wanted nothing to do with wives, girlfriends, kids or even dogs. He wanted the entire focus on only himself. Another interesting thing to mention is there is a “Parents Prayer” in the front of the book and a “Cookbook Prayer” in the back. That’s something you won’t see now-a-days.

Friar Flipping Burger

PS-I thought this picture would go perfect with the new “BREAKFAST TOWN USA” kick the Padres are currently on. Just switch the hamburger patty with a pancake and there you have the new Padres logo going forward. There you go Mr. Garfinkel that idea is free for you to use.


2 responses to “Padre Pickin’s Cookbook (1984)

  1. carolyn thomasson

    Is this book still available to buy?? Is it at the Padre Store??

  2. I have one of these cook books with a few autographs in it…was wondering if it was worth anything…i cant seem to find it on the net…great book tho

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