Tony Gwynn Walla Walla Padres Bobblehead (Everett AquaSox SGA 7/19/07)

Walla Walla Gwynn Bobblehead (Front)Walla Walla Gwynn Bobblehead (Back)

Item #2 in my week long Gwynn fest is a bobblehead that was given away at a minor league game in 2007. Being that the Walla Walla Padres don’t exist anymore the closest thing is now the (Single A Mariners) Everett AquaSox apparently. I personally see a couple things wrong with them claiming allegiance to Tony Gwynn just days before he was about to be enshrined in Cooperstown.

1. Just because your city is 4-5 hours away from his former team doesn’t make it OK to make a bobblehead of him

2. Everett has been home to both the Giants (in the division) & Mariners (the current AL “rival”)

3. Gwynn played a total of 42 games for Walla Walla….not exactly a lot of games

4. I thought that the uniforms were more brown instead of reddish colored?

Anyways now that I have got that off my chest this is still a pretty cool item. I had many Gwynn bobbleheads yet none in a minor league uni.


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