Tony Gwynn Babooshkah Russian Nesting Dolls (SGA 8/9/03)

Gwynn Russian Nesting Dolls

Ah yes the Russian Nesting Dolls. I remember hearing that “these are the new wave of the future, goodbye bobbleheads”. Yet after the flurry of Babooshkah giveaways in the 2003 & 2004 seasons, that saw the likes of George Brett, Mike Piazza, Barry Bonds, Ichiro & the very cool Oakland A’s one of Mark Mulder, Barry Zito, Tim Hudson & Ramon Hernandez, to name a few, there haven’t been any that I know of. I thought they were actually pretty cool though. The face actually looks like Tony (unlike some other promotions) and the different unis through the years are a nice touch. The game itself featured Ollie Perez striking out 11 batters and walking only 1 but still got the loss. Jaret Wright, Luther Hackman, Joe Roa, Mike Mathews & Scott Linebrink also pitched in this game. What significance does this have? None really I just thought it was funny that Wright, Hackman, Roa & Mathews all pitched in the same game for us. No wonder why this team lost 98 games that year. The Padres lost to the Reds 9-5. This has a COA of #29718 of 41000.


5 responses to “Tony Gwynn Babooshkah Russian Nesting Dolls (SGA 8/9/03)

  1. The gwynn russian dolls need to go in opposite order according to size, because he definitely got bigger towards the end of his career… HAHA just an observation, cause I love T Gwynn!

    • HAHA I remember saying the same thing back when they were given away. The Giants got the Barry Bonds one right though. The biggest one was him in a Giants uni, the next size was a Pirates uni and the smallest was an Arizona State uni. Just like in his real roided out life.

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  3. how much do your tony gwynn russian nesting dolls sell for, the authentic 3 piece ones

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