Padres Lotto Tickets (2007)

Padres Lotto Tickets

Here we have a couple Padres California Lotto 2 dollar scratch offs. They were released in 2007 along with ones for the Dodgers, Giants, A’s & Angels (all the California teams). It was kind of tricky getting these because instead of having just the Padres on a roll they had all the teams on it. Meaning if I didn’t come in at the right time I could have been stuck with a Giants one or even worse a Dodgers one. So basically I would just go in and ask what ticket was showing each day at my local 7-11 and if it was the Padres I’d snatch it up. Of course after striking out my first few times I finally got a Padres one and I actually won a free ticket so I had to turn it in. Eventually I got these 2 losers though so I could add it to my collection.


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