Padres 7-Up Puzzle (1971)

1971 Padres 7-Up PuzzleDSC03477

I’ve only actually seen this puzzle made by 7-Up one other time and it was in that glass encasing at Petco (as you enter on the 7th Ave entrance and walk up the stairs).  I haven’t checked that out though in a couple seasons so I don’t know if it’s still there even. I found this at the swap meet a few years back and immediately swiped it up. There was no date on the box whatsoever so I had to do a little research to determine the year for this puzzle. I started by checking out the team baseball cards and came across this 1971 Topps card. Same picture just the swinging friar logo on the field was cropped out. Case closed. As you can see in the pictures above I actually even completed the puzzle and only 1 piece was missing. Not to bad considering the puzzle is 38 years old and has 500 pieces. If you notice it appears that they painted the field green and very badly painted a white baseball diamond on the original picture used to make the puzzle. My guess is when they took the picture it was football season so they did some “photo shop” for that time. Once again I’m not sure whether this was a giveaway or not during the season. Did they even have giveaways back then? The 1971 season is better off not being talked about…..


One response to “Padres 7-Up Puzzle (1971)

  1. We have the same puzzle! Have you found out anything more about it? Does yours have the 7 UP logos on it, as does the one we have? Love to hear from you. Thanks so much, Lyn

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