Dave Winfield Home & Away Bobbleheads (SGA 5/3/03)

Dave Winfield Home/Away Bobbleheads (Front)Dave Winfield Home/Away Bobbleheads (Back)

This is another one of those cool stadium give aways from 2003 that I was referring to in the Tony Gwynn Babooshkah Russian Nesting Dolls & Qualcomm Stadium Commemorative Ticket Holder posts. Current Padres front office take note of these things…..they are the things people love to be given. Despite the team going 64-98 on the season crowds of 60,998, 36,745 & 29,725 showed up for these 3 giveaways (all 3 of those totals would easily crack the top 15 home game attendance turnouts this season). These Dave Winfield bobbleheads were given away at a game vs the Phillies in which the Padres lost 5-4 in 10 innings. Here’s the kicker on these…..the home uniform was the one that was advertised as being given away yet unbeknownst to us fans the Padres decided to throw a few away uniforms into the mix. Imagine opening up your bobblehead box to find a rare bobblehead that just a small handful of fans received. Good times indeed for that fan.


5 responses to “Dave Winfield Home & Away Bobbleheads (SGA 5/3/03)

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  2. I just read about the Dave Winfield bobble heads away uniform which is pretty cool but the Dave Winfield bobble head I have Winfield is wearing the home uniform but it has the Cox stamped upside down. I’ve been looking all over the net to see if I can find any kind of info but no luck. Have you by any chance seen or heard of Winfields upside down Cox?

  3. I haven’t seen or heard of one. It’s most likely just an error. I have one that has a US Bank logo where the Cox logo should be. I don’t know what’s up with that one either.

  4. I have this bobblehead with the white uniform. when i opened the box i noticed mine had a Dave Winfields signature on the brim of the cap. Is this a legit signature? I’ve been trying to find out for years. Does anyone have any info on this?

    • I actually just spoke to Randy Jones a few weeks back about his bobbleheads. He did indeed sign a few of them and they put them back in the box to giveaway. It was the same year they gave away the Winfield ones, so I assume you have a legit Winfield autograph there.

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