Randy Jones Home & Away Bobbleheads (SGA 5/31/03)

Randy Jones Home/Away Bobbleheads (Front)Randy Jones Home/Away Bobbleheads (Back)

I figured I might as well show off the other amazing bobblehead that was given away in 2003. Like the Winfield one the Randy Jones one was given away with him in both the Home & Away uniforms and once again the Away ones were difficult to find. I have to admit that the Winfield Away jersey was bought on ebay but I actually received the Away Randy Jones one when I walked in. I wanted to shout from a mountain “I HAVE A RANDY JONES AWAY JERSEY BOBBLEHEAD!!!” But alas I did not have a mountain and I technically didn’t yell that at that at the top of my lungs but it was still pretty damn cool. The game went down like this….Adam Eaton didn’t pitch well, Luther Hackman didn’t pitch well, Jesse Orosco didn’t pitch well and yet the Padres came from behind in the 8th inning to pull out the win over the Diamondbacks 8-7 thanks to a Lou Merloni sacrafice fly to score Gary Bennett. Wow I can’t believe I actually typed the names Lou Merloni & Gary Bennett on this blog. I feel dirty now.


2 responses to “Randy Jones Home & Away Bobbleheads (SGA 5/31/03)

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  2. I see your Lou Merloni and raise you a Donaldo Mendez. How’s that for dirty?

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