1991-2003 Padres Away Jersey

90's Away Jersey

What the heck let’s have 90’s throwback days here at .400 in ’94. This is the Away jersey used from ’91-’03. Unlike that horrible plain white home jersey they switched to in 2002, they kept these away jerseys for the final 2 years at Qualcomm Stadium. I kind of liked the Home & Alternate jerseys but this one I never really loved…they were OK though.


3 responses to “1991-2003 Padres Away Jersey

  1. Do you know where i might can buy this jersey??

    • I found mine on ebay. The away ones are kind of hard to come by though. The Padre store sells the Home 90’s jerseys but not the away so you just got to keep looking around online. Good luck!

  2. I scored one of them at what might have been the first “garage sale” as we know and love it today. The team shop was selling game-used jerseys for $35 during at least one 2003 home game. I got this road version for #23 Eddie Williams, who went to my church when he was a Padres in the mid 90s. Also got a Scott Livingstone alternate blue jersey.

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