1996-2003 Padres Alternate Jersey

90's Alternate Jersey

Yes I have all 3 ’90’s Padre jerseys (among many others). Yes I know I have a problem and need to stop buying all this stuff. Yes I know it’s weird that I keep typing like I’m having a conversation with somebody. This jersey here was one of the go to jerseys for the Padres during this time. It seemed like I saw them in this uni more than the other 2 so it sticks out more to me as the jersey of the ’90’s. I’m not 100% sure on when they started using these so I searched the internet looking for pictures as well as looking at some old baseball cards. It appears that they first started using these in 1996 though.

PS-Upon further review the ugly Dodger-esque white unis were worn as far back as 1999. I didn’t realize they wore them for that long.


One response to “1996-2003 Padres Alternate Jersey

  1. That jersey pictured is definitely one of my favorite all time Padres jerseys, but I seem to be having a hard time finding a seller online. Just wondering if you had any info about where one might be bought?

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