Compadres Club Card (1996-2007)

Compadres Club Card

Sticking with 90’s throwback days here I thought I’d post this gem. Attention Mr. Garfinkel. This is called a Compadres Club Card. It was FREE for anyone who signed up for it at Padre games. It started around 1996 and was FREE. People would show up to games and swipe their FREE card and earn points for each game they attended. Those points in turn would give the fans awesome FREE prizes. This current Frequent Friar BS is lame. 10 bucks per person (so lets say a family of 4 wants to “purchase” a card for each of them that’s 40 bucks out the door). Then points are given out for every dollar spent at the ticket office. Therefore all the games in which you either win tickets, are given tickets by friends/family or buy off of sites like Craigslist, StubHub or eBay you won’t get points for. Now I wouldn’t be opposed to forking over some money if the prizes were good, but really??? Do I want to spend 100 bucks to get a voucher for 50% tickets for one game? Or do I want to spend 300 bucks so I can get 1 pound of coffee? Ohhh here’s another good one!! What about spending 750 bucks and getting….wait for it….half off my meal at Lolitas at the Park! Horrible prizes. Just horrible. I’m telling you, 9 fans out of 10 would love to have this promotion back and running the way it used to be.


3 responses to “Compadres Club Card (1996-2007)

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  2. Great point. Compadres was great but the prizes you mention are quite possibly the worst I have ever seen. Come on Padres let’s reward the few loyal fans you do have with some decent things. I’m sure your stockroom is overrun with things the marketing team came up with.

  3. Yeah the Frequent Friar prizes are terrible. Bring back the Compadres!!!

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