Khalil Greene Figurine (SGA 4/8/05)

Khalil Figurine (Side)Khalil Figurine (Front)Khalil Figurine (Top)

Well I guess the sting of Khalil being traded has worn off for most people by now so I guess I can safely post this without causing some people to tear up. Here is the wonderful sprawled out, diving catch, hair flowing (and perky butt according to jbox) Khalil Greene figurine that was given away at a game on April 8th, 2005. It is another one of the things that was done right by the Padres marketers back in the day…..oh how I yearn for those days once again. Nowadays all we get is breakfast. They got it right by not giving him a bobblehead but by capturing what most fans remember him the most for….making a spectacular diving catch….that and the expressionless face that they captured here so well. Funny how in that game Khalil made an error that essentially cost the Padres the game though. Brian Lawrence pitched solid going 7 innings, giving up only 2 ER, striking out 5 & walking only 2. Ryan Klesko hit a homer & Brian Giles actually hit a triple. But despite all that the errors by Khalil & Sean Burroughs in the 8th were to much to overcome. The Padres lost to the Pirates 3-2. This item has a COA #00001 of 44,000…..yet I highly doubt I got the first one so I assume they put that card with every figurine given away.


4 responses to “Khalil Greene Figurine (SGA 4/8/05)

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  2. I have one of these in my closet still in its box. Stranger, though, is that my ex-girlfriend found one in her parents’ Long Island house and has no idea where it came from because she still lived in New York back in 2005. Very mysterious.

  3. That Khalil works in mysterious ways. I sometimes notice that my figure will be in another spot on my shelf than where I left him.

  4. Mine had his glove arm fall off a few years ago. An omen?

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