Padres Beach Towel (SGA 7/15/05)


Ladies and gentleman I give you the greatest Padre towel to date. It was given away sometime in 2005 but I’m not sure which game yet until I go through my totes and find the giveaway schedule for that year. Nice quality beach towel that has a little pocket sewn into the back side so it will all fold up nicely into the pouch. I use this thing like crazy when I go to the beach or the pool and throw other things in the pouch so I don’t need to bring a backpack or anything.

*EDIT– I found out the date! It was given away on July 15th in a game against the Diamondbacks. A very uncharacteristic 13 pitchers were used in a game at Petco and in the end the Padres came out on top 10-7.


4 responses to “Padres Beach Towel (SGA 7/15/05)

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  2. This is the Citizen Kane of beach towels.

  3. I didn’t know what towels were until I met this towel….now I am complete.

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