2004-Current Padres Away Jersey

Current Away Jersey

After my meeting with Padres owner Jeff Moorad on Thursday I get the impression that this uniform might be going away soon. Therefore let’s give it a proper send off. I actually think it’s an OK jersey….probably my favorite of the 3 new ones but on the other hand our current color scheme is to close to the Milwaukee Brewers. Changing the away uniforms to gray, like he wants to do, isn’t going to make us stand out at all though. We’ll just be looking like the rest of the league who all pretty much use the gray for away uniforms. We need to bring back the brown!!!


4 responses to “2004-Current Padres Away Jersey

  1. This is my least favorite, by far

  2. I like it because it’s the closest thing to brown that we have.

  3. BOOOO. The one thing that makes the Padres not the most boring team on the planet and he wants to take it away.

  4. I have always liked this one too. The lettering almost reminds me of a comic book in certain ways, which is very different from anything else out there. I got a Jack Cust version of this one at the 2008 Garage Sale. Wore it to a game when they played the A’s last summer. That was fun.

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