Friar Bank (SGA 6/29/08)


I made sure to show the back of the bank because it looks like the Friar was struck by a bat or something and split open his head. And why does he have apostrophe eyes like the Friar bobblehead? Plus why is he hiding the baseball behind his back with a huge smile on his face? If I turn my back on him is he going to throw the ball at me? Anyways the game went a little something like this…..Jake Peavy gives up lots of hits (10) yet only gives up 3 ER in 6 IP. Then Bryan Corey comes in and gives up 4 straight singles, Carlos Guevara relieves him and then gives up 2 straight singles and a walk. 4 runs in the top of the 7th=game over. Padres lose to the Mariners 9-2.

PS-How come almost everything I’ve posted for stadium giveaways has resulted in Padres losses??


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