Chris Young & Jake Peavy Lunch Box (SGA 9/23/07)

CY/Peavy Metal Lunchbox (Front)CY/Peavy Metal Lunchbox (Back)

Surprisingly this lunch box is made of metal and not a cheap plastic. Also surprising that Chris Young is on the front instead of Jake Peavy. What’s not so surprising? Yet another giveaway that I’ve posted where the Padres lost, losing 7-3 to the Rockies. This was THE game that started the downward spiral as well. In the top of the 7th Milton Bradley steps on Mike Cameron pretty much ending his season & Padres career (except for a pinch running appearance in game 163). Then in the bottom of the 8th Milton gets a single, has some words with umpire Mike Winters and BOOM a Buddy Black take down later and Milton’s season and Padres career is over as well. Maybe the Padres shouldn’t have any cool giveaways anymore since they apparently lose almost every single one.


2 responses to “Chris Young & Jake Peavy Lunch Box (SGA 9/23/07)

  1. Sweet……the lunch box, not the game recollection.

  2. Yeah this was the first item where I almost didn’t give a recap of the actual game. It was depressing reliving that.

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