Padres Floppy Hat (SGA 6/21/03)

Now I’m not a huge fan of floppy hats. Unless your a fisherman, albino or old man you probably shouldn’t be wearing them too. But I have to admit this one does look pretty cool. Now you’ve heard me rant and rave about how great the 2003 season was for stadium giveaways before but guess what, it ain’t over yet. This item was given away during the fabled (for giveaways….not the team) 2003 season. It is the wonderful brown and yellow that everyone loves and you can even reverse it and wear the Friar side if you want. It was given away on June 21st, 2003 against the Seattle Mariners. The game was a pitchers duel between Adam Eaton & Joel Pineiro in which not single run was scored from the bottom of the 2nd to the end of the game. Of the 6 overall runs scored in the game only 2 were scored off of hits (2 walks, 1 WP & 1 SF). The Padres lost yet again 4-2.


3 responses to “Padres Floppy Hat (SGA 6/21/03)

  1. Oh man, this holy trinket screams “Leave breakfast where it belongs.” It’s got Garfinkel’s two favorite styles in one hat.

    P.S. The original floppy hat was the ONLY good one.

  2. I really liked this floppy hat, which was given away in 2005 or 2006.
    Padres floppy hat

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