Adrian Gonzalez Action Figure (SGA 6/6/09)

This comic bookish Adrian Gonzalez figure must have snuck by me last season. To my knowledge it really wasn’t promoted that much….although this was during the time when I stopped watching Padres games because the team appeared to have given up and weren’t even trying, so maybe it was promoted a bunch and I just didn’t see it. I came across this item at Christmas on the Prado. The Madres had a booth set up in front of the San Diego Hall of Champions and were selling some stuff. I stopped and chatted for a while with the nice ladies. They do a lot for the community and love their Padres so go check out their site and see what they are up to. The item was given away on June 6th last season when the Padres played the Diamondbacks. They were down 2-0 in the bottom of the 6th when they unleashed 6 runs off of relievers Leo Rosales, Daniel Schlereth & Clay Zavada. Padres go on to win 6-4.

*EDIT: .400 in ’94 user Tim shared this photo with us and clarified that the figure was given away during the whole “Vote for Adrian” push. Thanks Tim!


4 responses to “Adrian Gonzalez Action Figure (SGA 6/6/09)

  1. Got me one of these last weekend!

  2. I’m surprised you missed all the hub-bub before this game. The Padres and XX Sports really turned it into Vote for Adrian weekend to try and get him in as the ASG starter at 1B. In fact, I was given a t-shirt for filling out 100 ballots during the game.
    Adrian Gonzalez Stuff

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