Padres Fans’ Favorites VHS (2002)

Weird I didn’t even know they still made VHS’s in the 2000’s. I found this wonderful item just the other day at a thrift store. It was marked 50% off of the original price of $1.00. Wow what an amazing deal!! HAHA so I’m not 100% sure what the deal with this Padres Fans’ Favorites VHS is. Was it a stadium giveaway? Was it sold at Office Depot? Was it given away at Office Depot? The world may never know. But apparently they held a fan vote in the summer of 2002 for 8 categories.

1. Greatest Player
2. Greatest Pitcher
3. Greatest Moment
4. Greatest Feat
5. Greatest Individual Season
6. Greatest Single-Game Pitching Performance
7. Greatest Personality
8. Greatest Game

I haven’t watched it yet but I will bust out the old VHS player tonight and see what the fans voted and update this thing tomorrow.


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