Jake Peavy Bobblehead (SGA 8/27/05)

Wow this was really the 2nd to last bobblehead given away at a Padres game? I just shudder to think that the last 2 bobblehead giveaways were a tri-fecta of magnetized mini bobbleheads & this a baseball player in a NASCAR car. Well at least Padres President Tom Garfinkel has said repeatedly this off-season that the bobbleheads will be returning. There will be 5 different ones given throughout the season. Gaslamp Ball user “schwing and a miss” reported on GLB that those 5 players would be David Eckstein, Kyle Blanks, Everth Cabrera, Chase Headley & Clayton Richard. No Adrian & no Heath, meaning they didn’t want to be stuck with thousands of bobbleheads in their storage if they just so happened to be traded. Anyways back to this item….it’s a Jake Peavy NASCAR bobblehead that was given away in 2005. It has a button on the back that once pushed Jake starts singing a lovely rendition of the “Go Cubs Go” song……either that or the sound of an engine revving up, I really can’t remember. It was given away on August 27th against the Rockies. Jake Peavy did not start that game but Brian Lawrence did. He made 1 big mistake the whole game giving up a grand slam to Todd Helton in the 5th inning. Rockies win 4-2.


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