Ozzie Smith Motion Card (SGA 5/17/03)

This is now the 7th awesome item from the 2003 season that I have listed here on this blog. After looking at some of the 2010 giveaways at the Fan Fest Saturday, I was let down a bit. Yes the bobbleheads look cool & the throwback floppy hat will surely draw some fans, but other than that it’s the usual boring stuff. Look at the Giants they have skateboards & snuggies for god sakes! We have a cheap “replica jersey” with the Padres logo on the belly button & a plain ‘ol slinky. Anyways enough complaining, it still IS a lot better than things have been the past couple of seasons. Here we have an Ozzie Smith Action card. I tried my best to capture the entire play in photos. I think the thing that made the 2003 giveaways is that almost everything was throwback brown & yellow. The Winfield, RJ & Chicken bobbleheads, the floppy hat, Gwynn Russian Nesting Dolls, the mini Qualcomm & now this card, were all throwbacks in one way or another. Ozzie Smith was drafted by the Padres in the 4th round of the 1977 draft. He made his major league debut in 1978 & would go on to play 4 seasons with the Padres until he was traded to the Cardinals for the 1982 season. I’m not quite sure what he did after that though. This was given away on May 17th in a game against the Braves. Carlton Loewer started for the Padres in his 5th to last game ever. It was actually a close game too until Luther Hackman & Mike Bynum came in and gave up 8 runs. X Nady & Ryan Klesko were the 2 bright spots on offense. Another interesting note….Shane Victorino played in this game and would go on to play in only 3 more games with the Padres before being shipped back to the Dodgers. Oh yeah Padres lose 12-2.


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