David Eckstein Bobblehead (SGA 4/17/10)

With the Clayton Richard bobblehead night fast approaching (it’s this Saturday 7/31/10 GET YOUR TICKETS NOW!) I figured I’d fire off the other 3 bobbleheads that have been given away this season. First we’ll start with the first one of the group…David Eckstein. I have to admit, ever since the Dave Winfield, Randy Jones & Chicken ones of 2003, it’s been all downhill for the Padres and bobbleheads in years past (mini, race car, Adrian wearing lipstick)  but this year they finally got it right with the set. Semi-realistic (as realistic as bobbleheads can get) and were pretty solid. I have a couple minor complaints though. One would be the flimsy background cards (that when the set is complete and pushed together form a shot of Petco Park). The cards cheapen the whole thing. Why couldn’t they have just done a mini background that’s a part of the bobblehead like the Reds did? The other is the selection of players. Before the season Eckstein, Kyle Blanks and Everth Cabrera were no brainers. Eckstein the fan favorite and Blanks and Cabrera who were young (IE: under control for a long time) and destined for big seasons this year after what they did last season. Chase Headley & Clayton Richard were big question marks though. If they were expecting to deal Adrian Gonzalez mid-season then why couldn’t they have given his away first. He’s the biggest name on the team yet no bobblehead? The excuse was that he had one last year (a horrible one, mind you), but I don’t buy it. Of course Heath Bell was in the same boat as Adrian yet there was no excuse given for his omission. Richard, while showing signs of promise last year, didn’t exactly earn a bobblehead. Why not the newly signed Garland or the young flame thrower Latos? Oh well enough of my complaining…..these bobbleheads still are great.

The game drew a respectable 31,324 to see the Padres take on the Diamondbacks. Kevin Correia pitched 5.2 innings of scoreless ball, striking out 8 in the process. Then the bullpen of Cesar Ramos, Luke Gregerson, Mike Adams & Tim Stauffer shut down the D-Backs the rest of the way. Nick Hundley provided all the offense the Padres needed by going 3 for 4 with a home run and 3 rbis. The man of the hour, David Eckstein, went 1 for 4 with a stolen base and was hit by a pitch. Padres win 5-0.


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