Kyle Blanks Bobblehead (SGA 6/19/10)

This is the 3rd of 5 Padres bobbleheads given away this season, outfielder Kyle Blanks. Unfortunately for Blanks he was MIA on his bobblehead night, but unlike the Indians Victor Martinez Bobblehead night (who was traded from the Indians to the Red Sox), Blanks was on the DL at the time. It drew 28,138 (which is the 2nd lowest draw on the 2010 bobblehead giveaways). The Padres took on the Orioles with Kevin Millwood and his 5.12 ERA & 1-8 record and yet he out dueled Padres starter Clayton Richard. Tony Gwynn Jr. went 2 for 4 with a double and even gunned down Corey Patterson on a play at the plate.  But the Padres lose 5-4.


One response to “Kyle Blanks Bobblehead (SGA 6/19/10)

  1. Hi I was Wondering what these are worth or selling for?

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