Tony Gwynn McFarlane Figures – Normal & Variant (2010)

It’s Tony Gwynn. It’s retro. It’s awesome. Do I really need to say anything more? OK, OK….these are the Tony Gwynn McFarlane figures that came out this year. They were a part of the Cooperstown Collection Series 7. The only previous Padres in the McFarlane collection are Trevor Hoffman (Series 4), Jake Peavy (Series 16) & a mini Mike Piazza (3 inch Series 5) but these trump all of them. The home & away versions were sold with the away figure being the common version. The home was a little tougher to find but come on?!?! It’s MR. PADRE!! So if you don’t have these yet…..Go get both right now!!!


4 responses to “Tony Gwynn McFarlane Figures – Normal & Variant (2010)

  1. I refuse to purchase these because the head mold looks nothing like Tony. In fact, my brother was a college roommate of Mark Weber, Sports Project/Brand Manager at McFarlane Toys. Mark has told him that if he had been there when this sculpt came up for approval, he would have made them go back and try again. Unfortunately, this sculpt was done at the time when Mark was between jobs with McFarlane (long story and not fit to tell here).

  2. I agree….it looks more like Andre Dawson to me. BUTTT nothing EVER looks like the real player so I gave up on that front a long time ago.

  3. pretty sure i saw these at comic con (perhaps the only baseball-related memorabilia at CC) and yes, it looks nothing like Tony.

  4. I couldn’t wait for McFarlane to come out with one. I had one custom made for me, commemorating his 3000th hit.

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