Chilly Willee Randy Jones Card (1977)

I just want to get this out of the way right now. There are many “disc” cards from 1976 and 1977 that have the same exact front, but different companies on the back side. I’m going to still post them all still but will space them out a bit, so they don’t seem to repetitive. This particular card is from Chilly Willee (not to be confused with the cartoon penguin of the same name, but spelled slightly different). It’s a frozen drink, much like a Slurpee, Icee or Slush Puppie. I faintly recall having one when I was younger, but haven’t seen one in years. The mascot has since changed from the boy pictured on this disc (apparently named Willee) with lines around his head to show that he is Chilly to a blue seal.


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