Topps Randy Jones Card – Washington (1974)

This card is pretty interesting. Before the 1974 season the Padres original owner C. Arnholt Smith was “broke” according to GM Buzzie Bavasi and was looking to sell the team. Joe Danzansky, president of Giant Foods, supposedly bought the team and was going to relocate the team to Washington DC. With that said fans in DC were all on cloud nine, Padres fans stopped showing up to games & even Topps got in on the action by producing these cards with Washington in the upper left corner (instead of San Diego) and “Nat’l Lea.” (instead of Padres) in the lower right corner since there was no team name just yet. Thankfully the city informed the buyers that they had to pay off the remainder of the San Diego Stadium lease (15 years) even if they moved the team. Not wanting to pay 2 stadium leases and buy a team, the new owners backed out of the deal. Being that he was broke, Smith was willing to just give up the team to MLB. But before that happened Ray Kroc swooped in and the rest is history. This card (#173 B) is a reminder of how things could have been. If things went through there would be no Mr. Padre, no Petco Park and most importantly no Padres. Be thankful San Diego fans.


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