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’98 NL Champs/’98 NL West Champs Cups (1998)

These were the cups they used at the concession stands during the ’98 playoffs. Notice the “Yes on C” ad’s plastered all over the cups? No playoff run, no Petco Park. Thank you Kevin Brown, Ken Caminiti, Steve Finley, Tony Gwynn, Andy Ashby, Trevor Hoffman, etc. etc.


7UP Chicken Cup (1981)

This is a 7 UP Padres/Chicken cup. “You can put beer…errr…I mean soda in it.” Like a lot of the other things recently I’m not sure whether this was a stadium giveaway, sold in stores or a 7 UP giveaway. I noticed a small date on it that says 1/81 though, so unless they produced these way in advance I’m assuming it wasn’t a SGA. You can never go wrong with the Chicken so this is a pretty cool item.

Pitcher & Cups Set (SGA 5/27/89)

Padres Cups & Pitcher (80's)

I remember actually having this set back when I was a kid, but I’m not sure what ever happened to it. Then as luck would have it, I recently purchased a huge lot of Padres stuff and this was in it. I’m not 100% sure if this was a stadium giveaway or not, but judging by the Coca-Cola ads plastered all over it & a “Something special for your home from Alladinware” stamped on the bottom I’m thinking it was. Unfortunately there is no date anywhere on anything but looking at the Padres logo it had to be sometime between the 1985 season & the 1990 season. Pretty cool giveaway if you ask me.

*EDIT– I can now confirm this WAS a stadium giveaway and it was given away on May 27th 1989 in a game against the Montreal Expos. Yes I said the Expos. Walt Terrell pitched a complete game shut out while everyone but John Kruk & Walt Terrell got a hit on offense. Pads win 5-0.