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7UP Chicken Cup (1981)

This is a 7 UP Padres/Chicken cup. “You can put beer…errr…I mean soda in it.” Like a lot of the other things recently I’m not sure whether this was a stadium giveaway, sold in stores or a 7 UP giveaway. I noticed a small date on it that says 1/81 though, so unless they produced these way in advance I’m assuming it wasn’t a SGA. You can never go wrong with the Chicken so this is a pretty cool item.


Famous Chicken Bobblehead (SGA 9/26/03)

The Chicken Bobblehead (Front)The Chicken Bobblehead (Side)


First off I’d like to apologize for the lack of updates. I’ve been working hard at getting a new blog up and running by the new year so I’ve been a little busy with that. But don’t worry though Padre merch fans….this blog here isn’t going anywhere yet the updates might not be as often as they once were for the time being.

Anyways on to the item, here is another gem from the 2003 Farewell to the Q season. A Famous Chicken Bobblehead…..well technically it’s not a bobble-HEAD but it’s more of a bobble-BELLY (according to the Chickens website). Very cool item here. The bobblebelly definitely fits the Chicken more than a bobblehead would (interesting side note: other Padres bobblebelly’s that were made and never released….John Kruk, Paul McAnulty, David “Boomer” Wells, Tony Gwynn & the most recent Heath Bell holding a Nintendo Wii controller bobblebelly). There is also something that makes this item stand out more than almost all the other stadium giveaways that I have listed too……the Padres actually won!! Adam Eaton threw 7 shutout innings & the 4 headed monster known only as Linethews Witafuerte (Scott Linebrink, Mike Mathews, Jay Witasick & Brandon Villafuerte) came in and shut the Rockies down for the final 2 innings. Mark Kotsay had a pinch hit, 2 RBI, double in the 8th to seal the deal. Padres win 5-0.

KGB Chicken “CLUCK” (1977)


As I was browsing eBay today I came across this gem. Now if only I had 250 bucks just lying around! It is a KGB Chicken “Cluck”….as in Clock. The seller says it has a 1977 copyright on it and runs perfectly on a AA battery. Apparently he’s been trying to sell it on eBay for quite some time since there were declined offers going all the way back to March 13th of this year.