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Catch up…..again

First up is a poster of the famous Sports Illustrated cover picture. I’m not sure when this is from exactly but it has compliments of  Home Federal Savings in the lower right hand corner. Christopher Paluso was the artist and upon doing a Google search I find out that he did a bunch of those amazing Legends Sports Memorabilia magazine covers that I still have from when I was a kid. The guy does absolutely amazing work, lives in San Diego and has actually even done some of the plaques in the San Diego Hall of Champions.

This 1977 Hostess card (#26) isn’t exactly in the best of shape. But when cards were packaged with Twinkies, Ding Dongs & HoHos, cards in pristine shape were pretty hard to come by.

In 1988 Grenada released a set of baseball stamps. Once again my stupid scanner cut it off and I really don’t have the patience to scan things twice. The only other Padres that I can see in the set were Tony Gwynn and Benito Santiago…but 3 Padres in a set of 81 superstars and Hall of Famers ain’t half bad really.

In 1999 Fleer gave Sports Illustrated a set that was titled Greats of the Game. RJ scored 3 cards in this set with this one (#35) being the base card. I’m still working on acquiring the other 2 cards though.

When I posted the “Leather” version of this card (which made sense), I brought up the fact of how weird it was for a pitcher to get a “Lumber” card. Oh well, here it is the 2005 Leather & Lumber “Lumber” card (#LC-34)….for a pitcher.

Since I’m posting the other half of the Leather & Lumber cards I might as well post the other half of the RC Cola cans. This one is from the first series in 1977 and unlike the 1978 version, does not have a number.


5 days of RJ

I’ve been a tad busy the last few days so I missed 4 days of RJ. So to make up for it, here are 5 new RJ items(today would be the 5th…duh!).

Here is a 1974 Topps Stamp. It’s obviously not a stamp that you can put on a envelope and mail off. But it is the size of a stamp and once licked could be put in one of many stamp books to complete your baseball collection.

This is a RC Cola can from 1978 (#61). To the best of my knowledge the baseball series ran for 2 years (1977 & 1978) and then stopped. I don’t drink RC Cola but if it’s good enough for OJ Simpson perhaps I should start?

Up next is a 2005 Donruss Leather & Lumber “Leather” card (#LC-34). Surprisingly in this series RJ also has a “Lumber” card (which I will post at a later date). “Surprisingly” because why would a pitcher get a Lumber card? The “Leather” card obviously makes sense being that we have a former Cy Young award winner here.

1977 Topps Cloth card (#23) is basically the same as the 1977 Topps card (minus the NL All-Star graphic) but a fabric sticker. This series ran for 1 year and unlike the 1974 stamp it had no book to put them all in and collect. According to Topps, this series wasn’t for the collector but it was just kind of a sticker to put on your bedroom door, school notebook, school locker or your bag of weed (this IS from the 70’s..right?). Kind of like free promotion for Topps I guess.

Finally last but not least is a 1976 Isalys Disc card. Like I told you with the 1977 Chilly Willee card the majority of the “disc” cards used the same fronts. The 1977 disc cards are mainly with blue fronts while the 1976 disc cards used pink. I’m not sure about all the other players but the RJ cards even used the same photo. On the card you can see that the Isaly’s restaurant had 155 locations. There are now 3. Perhaps they shouldn’t have sold the rights to their finest invention ever…the Klondike bar.